What comes into your mind when you hear that word? Probably such a hazardous thing or even crime. Well, everything is not what it seems. Do you know that apparently drugs possessed huge benefit in daily need as well frequently save many lives? Why it have to be in the exact dosage?. How it can be harmful at the same time?. To solve this, let’s take a look on the general clarification…..
Drugs is a chemical substance when taken into the body, have an effect on the body form or body function.
Specifically, drugs have a wide range of varieties and divide into three parts:
Medicinal drugs
For instance, Aspirin, paracetamol, antibiotics

Drugs of abuse
Heroine, coccaine

Acceptable drugs

Alcohol, nicotine,caffeine
As we examined each of the type clearly, it is obvious that medicinal drugs used for medical need and those example (aspirin, paracetamol,antibiotics) designed to surpress pain, counteract the symptomps of flu,soothe muscular pain or kill pathogenic bacteria. Acceptable drug consumed by people for pleasurable effect, help them relax or concentrate. Most people use drug in careful and wise manner. Drug abuse result when a person take drug excessively and without doctor prescription. Taking drugs that way can be extremely harmful to the body. It may even result in death.
Drugs which are generally abused can be classified into four major categories:
Depressant drugs
Stimulant drugs
Hallucinogenic drugs
Drug types Effects on Body Examples
Depressant drugs “depress” the central nervous system. Calm the body and help to put the user to sleep. Barbiturates and tranquilizers
Used as sleeping pills to overcome insomnia and treat epilepsy.
Stimulant drugs Stimulate central nervous system Amphetamine and cocaine used to counteract depression, prevent fatigue and counteract hunger. Increasingly, Ice and Ectasy are also used by teenager.
Hallucinogenic drugs Cause the user to experience hallucinations, illusion, distorted image and feeling ‘high’. Marijuana
Opiates Relieve pain, calm and numb the body and mind. They also create dreamlike feeling of happiness. Heroin . it cause euphoria which is the feeling of warm rush as well contentment.

Bad side??
One effect of drug is drug tolerance. The user has to take more and more of the drug in order to get the same effect or feeling. The most harmful effects of drug abuse is addiction to drugs. This means that user cannot do without the drug. Drug that cause addiction are usually those that excite or depress the nervous system, for instance heroin. the addict needs a continual supply of drug he/she is addicted to.
When a person who is dependent on a drug stops using it, he feels ill and suffers from strong withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptomps for addicts include anxiety, upsets, sweating, vomitting, convulsion and hallucination. Withdrawal symptoms can be so severe that sudden withdrawal from certain drugs can cause death.
How to avoid
Teenager like to experiment drugs for various reasons from peer pressure , desire to appear grown up, boredom until curiosity. What would you do if someone offered you drugs? Especially when you are really sad or depressed?
Here are are some practical suggestion:
Stay clear of situations where people are likely to using drugs.
Be firm in your stand against drug. Always remember that drug abuse is illegal.

By : Astrid Prakasa


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This site is to post about the human health. It explains how the human health varies from Digestive System,Nervous System, Drug Abuse , etc. Enjoy!
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